Hello, my name is TaShara, pronounced Ta-SHARE-ra. I am currently living in Seattle, WA. I have been in Seattle almost all of my life. Except the time I attempted to move to New York City, which was the best 3 months ever! Well it was rough, exciting, different and life changing. New York was truly the turning point in my life. I discovered accounting is what I do, but creating wealth is who I am.

See, I have always loved Math. In college I was going to minor in math and major in Chemistry. I wanted to be a pediatrician. I had decided I wanted to be a doctor when I was as young as five. I always had a passion to help others, to influence and to teach and since I loved children why not combine the two.

My Story

From age 20 - 23 I was struggling with my identity and what God had planned for me. I had this brilliant idea to change my major from Chemistry to Accounting at age 24. I felt like at least I was working but if I can get my degree that will make me feel better about myself. Sometimes we chase accolades when we should be seeking God! I needed something more. I was working a job I didn’t like, I was with a man who didn’t honor nor respect me, and I just needed to accomplish something.  I was always ambitious and all about progress, growth, and development. Somehow I became complacent. I didn’t want for anything. The man I was with took care of me financially. I had the cars, the clothes, and the money. I was okay. I was doing alright. So I thought. I became depressed overtime. I was disappointed. I felt average.  I wasn’t thriving, I wasn’t growing spiritually, mentally, or emotionally. In fact I was depleting in all areas, until I became a mom at age 26.  I was absolutely excited. God had answered my prayers . I needed someone to love me. To give me the love I was looking for from my relationship.

Our souls were tied for 8 years too long. Listen to the steps I took to leave.


Broken to Purpose

My baby was 6 months when I graduated with my Accounting degree. I don’t know how I did it but it got done.  I decided no more wasting time. I needed to grow spiritually, physically, emotionally, mentally and socially. I knew nothing but the grace of God was going to help me. I diligently sought after God. He cleaned me up and showed me who I am, a wealth creator. Wealth will be created by teaching basic financial literacy skills.  


I am building a lifestyle that I do not have to take a vacation from. I believe all success first start in your mind. We cannot build while depressed. It is very difficult to live your best life when you do not like the life you are living. I want to encourage single mother entrepreneurs to let go of their past and embrace their future of confidence and wealth.

Today I spend my time as a Financial Literacy Coach teaching single mothers and women entrepreneurs the importance of managing their finances. My motto is “If you think you can’t, you won’t”.

If you will like an accountant, a financial literacy coach or a finance speaker send me a message on my Contact page and I will get back to you as soon as I can.