Next Level


I went to Atlanta this past weekend to meet a lady that I have been following on periscope for some time now. I have been contemplating on getting a business coach. I absolutely understand that they are needed. No matter what level you are on you need someone on the level you are trying to reach to make the process a lot easier for you to get there.

So I decided to check her out, meet her in person and see if we vibe or not. That was actually a big step for me, and I somewhat knew we would connect. I was drawn to her. There are many business coaches I listen to and although they may be great, it was just something that didn’t stand out for me. I didn’t see myself in them. I didn’t see a sister figure or mother figure in any of them and that is very important to me. You ultimately will be spending a lot of time and money with this individual, it was very important that I make sure it was a good fit.

See, the connections we make and the people we allow to pour into our life are important. It matters who you decide to connect with, it matters who you decide to do business with, it matters what clients you decide to serve. We are entrepreneur’s anyway, isn’t that the luxury we have. We have the choice to pick and choose who we will allow in our space.

For a while I wasn’t ready. I don’t think I was ready emotional or mentally. But I have gathered all the information I can gather on my own. In order for me to walk in my next level I have finally made a decision on who my business coach will be.

My message to you is everyone is not for you. Be mindful of who you let pour into your life and your business connections should be just as unforced as your regular friendships. Business partners tend to turn into friends anyway. We connect on more than just a business level. We share our past, our struggles and our personal life, it is much easier to do that with someone you can trust, you relate to and have a deeper connection with.

So make every interaction count. But always remember you are not for everyone and everyone is not for you.  It is nothing to be bothered about, it’s just life. Think about it, if everyone was able to get along we wouldn’t have much growth in the world. So remember to be anxious for nothing and gain an understanding through all things.

Be Blessed


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