All relationships are not worth building

You know there are some people who do what they do because they love it. Then there are those who do what they do to advance. The one thing I've learned from that is that all relationship aren't worth building. 

Business relationships are similar to romantic relationships. We must be compatible. Do your morals line up with my morals. Do we share similar visions. Are we working for a common goal. Sometimes when visions don't align, problems arise. 

Why not avoid those unnecessary problems by using discernment, by understanding you do not have to do business with everyone. You can be selective with your business just as your are selective  with your sexual partners ( I hope ) =). We live and we learn right. 

Anyways. Be anxious for nothing! But wait for the right connections to shape your professional life and business. You don't have to rush things or settle for whatever comes your way. Be smart. Be patient. Be Alert. Learn to say no thank you or let me think about it. It is your life. You have the power to live it the way you want to. You control your destiny.