Distractions are Set Backs

You know one thing I promised myself was to stay focus. To always stay focus on my end goal. You see, what I do now is just the beginning. I love accounting and bookkeeping. It is what I do to earn money. But it is still considered earn revenue. This revenue is still in the 25% - 60% tax bracket. I have not reach my end goal until my earned income is CONSISTENTLY turned into residual income. Of course I have a full action plan, but sometimes that plan can be interrupted.  I know it takes time, effort, discipline and patience. 

However The #1 things that can interfere are events, family or friends . Although we can get distracted by many things, I just listed the things that are my #1 distractions.

Special Events 







Most of the time we notice the distraction and sometimes it's very subtle. The best thing to do is to take care of business as quickly as the situation allows and never loose focus of your financial goal. You may have to update your financial plan or even switch vehicles from time to time but I encourage you to not loose focus of your end goal no matter the distractions.

Of course I know it is important to have fun, to have friends and to spend time with family, so don't get me wrong. I just want to remind you don't get so lost in those things that you don't have balance. Balance is hard as it is, almost impossible. So don't let it deter you from your long term financial goals. We can get so caught in the moments we forget we have work to do. Basically don't let time pass you by. Stay in the game and reserve your time off for the tough times in life.

Be Blessed


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