You will never get better, If you never get started

We are queens. It is time we start acting like it.

We are queens. It is time we start acting like it.

I was watching the Housewives of Atlanta reunion the other day I think. I believe it was from the current season. I don't watch too much TV, not real time anyway, but I am glad I caught this episode. I actually sat through the mess and shade and finally they got to the real stuff. They showed a clip of this lady's husband being so rude, disrespectful, and childish. The lady ( I probably should look her name up but whatever) mentioned this has been the history of her relationship. In fact, she has been going through it with this man for many years. Mostly emotional and mental abuse, and some physical.

Oh how does that sound like my story. I share a little bit of my story on periscope. You can follow me @TaSharaRamese and catch the replay. However I say all this to say, we hold on to things/relationships for way to long expecting them to change. The worse thing we do is hold all of our pain in and don't share it with anyone. Sometimes we convince ourselves we don't want anyone in our business but usually we don't wan't anyone judging us and we are ashamed of our current circumstances. We constantly rehearse the thought, how did I get to this point.

Let me encourage you today, you are just getting started! It doesn't matter how long you have been dealing with a situation or how old you are now, your best has yet to come. You just have to see yourself past your current state of mind and that doesn't happen by keeping things to yourself. See, you need a different perspective from someone you love or trust. Your mirror is too foggy. You can't see clearly. I always say this: When I let go of the clutter I gained clarity. 


I love finances but I love growth much more. I'm sure my purpose in life is to help other black woman see their worth, gain clarity, and most importantly build wealth. I'm proud to share this new journey with many. 

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