3 tips to a Better Life


You know if we research the number one thing that hold most people back I bet it will come down to mindset. The way we think directly impact the life we live. Some will argue it is the cards you are dealt, that's how you were raised or you are the result of your parents. Well, I am not going to argue with that, I have experience that to be true. However, I also have experience changing my story.

The beauty is...

You can live differently.

You can live your best life.

You can impact the world.

You can do anything you put your mind to.

You can be a better person. 

You see, your past do not define you or own you. Many times it is just our mind set but there are also other things you can do to live a better life or an empowered life. When it comes to woman, we give ourselves to the wrong people and to the wrong men. They strip us from our self esteem and most times it was already low due to our daddy issues. The good new is you don't have to feel trapped in life. Sometimes it just takes for us to to get our power back. Financial empowerment is a good way to increase your self esteem and live a great life. My first tip to you will be to save money. When you have a savings you can improve your financial status. If you are already saving money I would suggest you invest it or use it to fix your credit tip # 2. We can successful create wealth, build businesses, or save money with good credit. If you are thinking well I have a savings and my credit is good...well tip #3 is to leave the loser and repeat tip #1. 

I'm sure there are many tips I can give. But I know the most common Queen is holding on to a man that will never let her live her best life. I pray that you are able to let go of him with grace. I know the struggle but I overcame it and I know you can too.

I love finances but I love growth much more. I'm sure my purpose in life is to help other black woman see their worth, gain clarity, and most importantly build wealth. I'm proud to share this new journey with many. 

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Be Blessed