3 Steps to break a soul tie

When my soul was tied to the wrong person I did not prosper. I had the capacity to dream and even work towards them. I didn't always work hard 100% of the time but I still was moving forward. However, my soul and mind was distracted and I am a firm believer that if your soul is tied to the wrong person it cannot prosper.

I did a periscope a month ago about How I broke an 8 year soul tie Click the link to watch the replay.

To be honest, those were the most complacent 8 years of my life. See most times, we absolutely know when we are in the wrong relationship or going in the wrong direction. I believe we just want what we want. I was listening to Dr Mathew Stevenson III today and he mention we usually always want to fix people but we are not their God! We cant love them like God can or we cant change them like God can.  

Sometimes the best thing we can do for people is let them go. Let God do what he needs to do in your life or in the individuals life, separately.  You do not have to be around to witness someone else's change. That type of time can turn into 2 years, 5 years, 10 years or 20 years spent on someone that doesn't deserve you anyhow.

It turns into:

-Unmarried years

-No commitment years

-Empty years

-Playing house years

-Broken years

So ladies, there was a few things that I had to do in order to let go of a soul tie that I stayed in for 8 years. It's no secret that I am a saved Christian and let me tell you,  I sought after Jesus like I was crazy! It was my only option based off the crazy environment I was already in.

First, I seeked God.

I knew I needed something stronger than my own strength to get change in my life. I wanted help. I needed help. And I knew there was a higher power that could indeed help me. 

Second,  I prayed.

My prayer was actually for God to save my relationship. ( as if I was married *rolls eyes*) because I didn't want to endure the pain of facing my reality. God told me NO and he also told me to change. My prayers changed drastically from the moment going forward. I then prayed for God to help me bow out gracefully. 

Third, I worshipped.

When God told me to change I didn't know how. I knew I needed his guidance, his spirit in order to change my thinking, increase my confidence, and show me who I was. It took me a couple years to fully let go. Yes, a couple years. I don't want to discourage anyone. But I believe the longer you stay, the stronger the hold becomes, so the more power is needed for you to let go and stay away. 

You should not stay with anyone that you know is not good for you. Staying in a relationship because a man has potential has been our biggest down fall as women. Lets let them become the man they need to be without us. It is not good for our health or wealth. So just always remember, you cannot control or change anyone. Drop the project of fixing people and pick up the project of becoming the best person you can be for society. 

I love finances but I love growth much more. My purpose in life is to help other woman see their worth, gain clarity, and most importantly build wealth. I'm proud to share this new journey with many. 

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Be Blessed