You deserve better

That little voice telling you there's more is a clear indication you are settling for less. You know you deserve better. Why are you so scared of letting  go? I know I was in that same place before. Sometimes I revisit it from time to time. Some times even through our success we ponder on our failures. Even through the love we receive we ponder on the hate that once was.  It doesn't matter how successful you get, how much love you receive or how much money you have. You still need to tell yourself:  

I deserve better.

I deserve more .

I deserve the world.

I deserve loyalty.

I deserve freedom.

I deserve success.

I deserve joy.

I deserve laughter.

I deserve happiness.

I deserve wealth.

Every step you take in the right direction is a step towards better. Better places, better people and ultimately a better life. Never settle no matter how successful you believe you are.