Push through hard times

It's funny how we go for the things we want and never take in account how hard it can be to maintain. One lesson I had to learn last week was push through. We work, we create momentum, we connect with resources, we collaborate, we do all these things, and sometimes forget once it all done we have to maintain our success and momentum. It is simple to get started but it is not always easy to keep going. So I am just warning you now, if there is anything that you are working on there are three things I want you to remember while doing it.

1.) Be your own inspiration

A lot of time we search for motivational speakers or other people to cheer us on and to be in our corner. What happens when you don't feel like going to any conferences, what if you don't have the energy to look on you tube for videos,  what if your favorite periscoper is not going live with current inspiration? You are going to need to inspire yourself. 

2.)Encourage yourself

If you will need to inspire yourself you will most likely need to encourage yourself. Speak great things to yourself. Speak who you are or speak what you are worth.  I am not who I used to be, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I am a lender not a borrower, money comes to me easily, I have work to do. What ever you need to say to yourself to encourage yourself do it daily. That way, when hard times come you will be used to encouraging yourself. 

3.)Remind yourself why 

Why are you doing what you do. Why are you building your business. Why are you working for that company, why are you networking with a certain group of people. Remind yourself why and that will give you enough inspiration to keep moving forward through rough times. I heard a story about a lady who went to over 50+ banks to get a loan for her business and was denied. She must have reminded herself why she was doing what she was doing in order to endure that many no's. 

Life is hard, business is hard. It would be naive of us to go through life thinking it will be easy or a straight line with no bumps in the road. So equip yourself with your own inspiration and encouragement to get through hard times. Other people aren't going to always be successful in doing it for us.

Life and finances go hand and hand. When your finances are in order you can live a quality life. Assuming you are mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Although I love finances, I love growth much more. So I enjoy helping other women see their worth and build wealth. 

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Be Blessed