4 things you need to Live an effective Life


Life is not  just for us to exist but for us to live. I was going through the motions of life at one period. Sleeping, working, watching TV, drugs, going out... and repeat. Then time passes and we grow or life changes into Sleeping, going to work, going to school, taking care of kids, taking care of significant other, favorite TV shows....and repeat.  Although I was going to school and getting a degree that helped me live out my purpose, I was still merely just existing.  I wish I would of been on pursuit of my purpose much earlier in life. I wasted many hours sleeping, watching TV, hanging out or working for someone else. Without real direction or understanding that it was just where I was not where i was meant to be. I want to share 4 things with you that will allow you to live and not just exist. 

1) Purpose 

Your purpose will bring you clarity. In order to get clarity you have to let go of all the clutter in your life. Sit still and listen to your thoughts and develop a relationship with God so he can guide you. Ask God for divine connections. You are not going to discover your purpose or walk it out alone. You will need others to help you. We need to have a great deal of discern to recognize who those people are. If you are struggling in this area, most likely the people you spend the most time with aren't helping. Let go of the clutter and you will gain clarity. Living in purpose is freedom.

2.) Plan 

Many times we just go through life without a road map. GPS is so common nowadays, no one would truly dare going to a destination without directions. I drove from Seattle, WA to Brooklyn, NY and I must say My I Phone GPS was King! There is no way I would of got there without it.  So why do we try to get through life without a plan. We need a road map. Yes there will be detours, or we will need to change our direction altogether but you still need a plan so that you don't get LOST.  Many of us are lost. Well refer to #1. Find your purpose in life. Until then your plan is to find purpose!

3.) Preparation 

Preparation is the key to success. Even the most talented athletes have to prepare or practice to continue to get better. Your passion or your gifts still need to be developed. That talk show you want to appear on is not going to come without you preparing to speak. The business you want to earn thousands of profits is not going to profit anything if you don't learn how to sell or learn how to treat your customers. My point is we have to work at what it is that we plan to have. Be ready for a lot of behind the scenes work and tears. The preparation happens when no one is watching or cheering you on.  The definition of preparation is the action or process of making ready or being made ready for use or consideration.

4.) Perseverance

Don't quit. No matter how hard it seems. Sometimes we don't see the results and we get off course. Your purpose brings clarity, assurance and confidence, which is important to have so you don't quit. You will stay committed to the big picture. You will have vision of where you want to be. Therefore, no matter the delay, you will keep striving until you get there. 

Those are 4 things you need to live an effective life. Ladies please remember you come first. Its very hard to take care of anyone or anything if we are not taking care of our self first. Its not selfish and you don't have to feel bad about it. Chase purpose and you will be more effective for the ones you love. 


Life and finances go hand and hand. When your finances are in order you can live a quality life. Assuming you are mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Although I love finances, I love growth much more. So I enjoy helping other women see their worth and build wealth. 

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