5 Essentials to Life

Being single doesn't have to be a bad thing. It is actually a blessing. I say this because while single, you can really work on yourself and your well being. I remember, while in a relationship I worked on a couple of the essential things of life that I am going to go over below. I never worked on or developed them all at once. Now that I am single, I am able to focus on all 5. Granted, I fall short more times than I want too,  but while in a relationship I was very much distracted and of course an emotional wreck. However that is my story, may not be your story. So, I am going to go over the 5 essentials of life. 5 things we should always be enhancing or developing . Rather single or in a relationship. 

1.) Physical Health 

This is an important one. After I had my daughter, I really focused on loosing all of the fat from gaining weight  The dedication was real! However, it made me mentally stronger to deal with the upcoming break up that I endured when my daughter was a little older. 

2.) Mental Health

What is the saying, the mind is terrible thing to waste. Our mental health is very important. The things we read, watch, and hang around shape our direction on life. One thing that I notice, is sometimes you hang around things and believe that you are different or it is not influencing you but more times than not, you are being influenced, even if you know better. 

3.) Emotional Health

It is very important to control our emotions. We are going to experience the roller coaster of life that is inevitable. But don't do like I did and avoid the emotions that comes with life. I made myself numb. I didn't allow myself to enjoy anything good because I was protecting myself from anything that could possible go bad, that is not healthy. We should be stable enough to love, to get angry, to be sad, to hurt and to be happy. It obviously don't always feel good, but the more you can control your emotions the better off you'll be. Let me elaborate on this a little, just because you are hurt, doesn't mean you have to hurt others. Just because you are angry, doesn't mean you have to be abusive. 

4.) Financial Health

One thing I know through the word of God is "money answers all things". Now I didn't say money will make you happy, but the things you can do with money can increase your way of life. Financial health can help sickness, prevent some divorces, getting a better education, building wealth, traveling the world, and ________. You fill in the blank for yourself. If money wasn't an issue, what problems could you solve in your life that will help your well being. Money alone will not help if you are not mentally or emotional healthy. That's why it's the 5 essentials of life. All 5 work together to create a stable life. 

5.) Spiritual Health 

We are spiritual beings rather you believe it or not.  Some connect to the universe, I cannot to the creator who created the universe and that is [God]. What I notice the most is that, when I am aligned with the heavenly father, all other four areas seem to come with ease. God wants you to be in control of your emotions, physically fit,  financially wealthy and mentally rich. 

These are my 5 essentials of life. I work on these 5 things obsessively and consistently. I am determine to progress towards my best life each day. You only get one life and each day is a new day to live and do better. 

I love finances but I love growth much more. My purpose in life is to help other woman see their worth, gain clarity, and most importantly build wealth. I'm proud to share this new journey with many. 

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Be Blessed