Do what you can until you can do what you want

You know what really get on my nerve, when we try to live up to others expectations of success. We see the finish product or the result of someone else's work and compare that to our own life. That is the ultimate torture. Don't compare someone else's results to work you have not yet done. Its not fair to yourself. We can be inspired, we can even admire others but the worse thing we can do is compare. You know why, it will ruin our starting point. We go in debt trying to keep up or look the part and we don't take in consideration where someone else started from. A lot of people don't share the starting portion of their life. Many people don't mind reliving their downfalls or beginnings if it means it will help someone else. This is typically because they are healed and are no longer are trying to prove their worth to anyone.  Some people are still dealing with their past, so their is no way they can share it with you.

The one that seems to have it all, is the one we seem to always look up to. Some don't share their pain, their struggle, their insecurity or flaws. All they show are their wins. 

Do what you can until you can do what you want. 

   There is no need to go broke while trying to get rich

   There is no need to settle for less while trying to achieve more

   There is no need to compromise your worth while trying to climb to the top

The more authentic we can be, the more open we are. And for the record,  I don't mix authenticity with telling your business on the internet or sharing personal things all the time. I think there is a fine line with helping others with your truth vs seeking attention for validation.

No one is perfect and there's no reason why you have to pretend to be. Even your favorite celebrity, role model or public figure make mistakes. It is apart of life. Never feel like you have to portray more than you are. As long as you continue to be true to yourself you will grow into the amazing person you set out to be in your own timing. 

Do what you can until you can do what you want. xo

Life and finances go hand and hand. When your finances are in order you can live a quality life. Assuming you are mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Although I love finances, I love growth much more. So I enjoy helping other women see their worth and build wealth. 

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Be Blessed