No one can stop you but you

I had a coach once tell me " You can do anything you put your mind to". She specified she wasn't just speaking in terms of the sport, but she was speaking in general. She believed anything I set out to do I had the potential to be successful. 

I remember this so clearly. She was one of my favorite coaches and 11 years later her encouragement still speaks to me. So in return, I am here to speak life into you.

No one can stop you but you.

No one can shut a door that you are suppose to walk in.

No one can take an opportunity that belongs to you. 

No one can speak death to your life.

People will intentional or unintentional get in your way and your job is not to allow them to. Continue to show up for yourself in everything and work hard. No matter anyone's influence, you will always have control over yourself.  What is for you is for you and God's favor surpasses anyone's influence or opinion. Don't give people the power to control your money, opportunity, emotions, or life. The worse mistake we can make is putting our success in someone else's hand. Work with or without others help and remember to put your trust in God.

No one can stop you but you. 

Life and finances go hand and hand. When your finances are in order you can live a quality life. Assuming you are mentally and emotionally healthy as well. Although I love finances, I love growth much more. So I enjoy helping other women see their worth and build wealth. 

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Be Blessed