How to kill the noise in your life

Create a schedule

One of the most valuable assets we posses is time. Time is the only thing we cannot get back.

When you are trying to do things differently in your life….

When you are trying to meet certain goals you set out for yourself….

you really have to be intentional about your time. That means setting your self a schedule with every single second accounted for. Even if you are free and have nothing to do in a certain time slot, name it free time.

Many of us are building multiple businesses, have family’s, our kids activities alone is a lot to keep up with. So place all events in your schedule. Schedule every activity you have in your planner.

You might have to tell yourself when to eat (like me. it is so easy for me to miss a meal)

You might have to schedule your reading time.

We all know reading is fundamental. Even if it only 15 minutes a day. A schedule will allow you to fit those small slots of time in your day to day schedule. When you have a set schedule and stick to it, when other unnecessarily things come up you will be able to look at your schedule and see if you are busy at that time.

For example for me, Sunday evenings are set for me to create content and set my schedule for the upcoming week. If someone wants to get my time on Sunday evening, that will through off my whole week. I would need to know ahead of time if it is something worth altering my schedule. When you have a schedule you are intentional about your time and your growth and you are more likely to avoid things that are not helpful to your future. Thus, killing the noise in your life.

Stop listening to people who are not going where you want to go

People mean well of course. But you have to learn how to tune people out. I’m not saying be rude to people. However, people will indeed make their insecurities your failure without knowing it. You can’t listen to people who have never done what you are trying to do. Why? Because they don’t know what it takes to be on that level. Their thinking is limited. They can only share on the level they are on. We are pushing for success. So what does listening to unsuccessful people do for us? Not much.

The most they can do is encourage you. If you have that type of person, then that is okay. They will support and encourage you on your journey. But all I’m saying is watch out for the people who are discouraging to you on your journey. It doesn’t matter how close this person is to you. Rather it is intentional or not, it affects how you think about

your next move

your next idea

your next business

Instead surround yourself around people who are successful. Many times we feel like we can’t get in the same room as successful people. Well start off by learning their story. Read their books. Follow them on social media, listen to their podcast or videos. Go to their conferences. This will help you think more like successful people.

I hope everyone that starts a business end goal is to be successful! We are not in this just to say we have an LLC. That is cute but it takes way to much to manage a business to be pump on your business license. Be excited for sure but lets get to work soon after. Purchase my Accounting Guide for entrepreneurs it will help you get your business finances in order.