Best Holiday Gift Ever

First let me say Happy Christmas Eve. Since tomorrow is Christmas I decided to share the best holiday gifts I ever gave myself. My birthday was Dec, 11th. I turned 33. I was absolutely excited this year. I remember it had actually been three years since I made the decision to change my life for the better. Well you may be thinking why did you need to change your life. There was things I was doing that wasn’t producing any results in my life. I carry these things with me for long enough and I was now, well at the time 30 years old. I simply refuse to go into my 30’s with the same problems. making the same mistakes, and not yielding any results for my life. So it took me 3 months before I was free of my past. So it was no surprise when I turned 33 why it was so important for me. The number 3 for me represent change and promise. I promised myself I would change so I can be a better mother, daughter, aunt and simply a better person. So here are 3 gifts I gave myself 3 years ago for the holidays.

I decided to soul search

Your soul is your mind, body and heart. I was loosing my mind, my heart was broken and my body felt dead. I couldn’t walk around not knowing who I am. I couldn’t walk around with a never fulfilled dream. Picking up my self esteem was my priority, letting go of all bad relationship was a necessity, and developing my mind around my new narrative was a most. You are in control of every second of your life. Always choose to do better.

I decided to take care of myself

Self care was one of the first thing I let go when losing myself and taking care of others. When I was depressed, unhappy, confused and just flat out mentally tired I not only act liked it but I looked like it. I decided I would take more care of myself. This may sound small but I started taking care of my natural hair. The growth of my hair has given me confidence. I also washed and took care of my skin day and night no matter how late or tired I am. Man, when your skin is radiant on the outside it gives good vibes on inside. Taking care of yourself could simply mean meditating on good thoughts and affirming yourself everyday. Whatever it look like for you, make sure you do it all of 2019.

I decide to set goals and crush them

It is really hard to crush your goals depressed.

It is really hard to crush your goals when you don’t feel loved.

It is really hard to start a business when you are not mentally stable.

When you decide to give yourself the best gift ever and that is your time. You will stop lending your time to people who don’t deserve it, so you can focus on your goals and kill them consistently.

The best gift I gave myself last year was me. You can’t successfully build your finances or your business without being you. Look in the mirror, do you recognize her? If not do some soul searching, take care of yourself, set some new goals and crush it.

xo Merry Christmas

Be Blessed

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