5 skills needed to build a business

What we know is business is hard I don’t have to tell you that. What you need someone to tell you is why and how it is hard. Business is difficult because as business owners we have to learn another language. Financial language and business language that we are not use to speaking. It is like being in school all over a again. If you are not ready for that then you are not ready for a business. In business you are always learning. So below are 5 skills you need to help you through building a business.

1.) Happiness

Learn how to live in joy. We will experience hurt, pain sadness but we have to have joy from the inside out in order to control the emotions that comes with life. No matter what you think, your attitude, behavior or happiness affects you work ethic. The problems you face personally will exude in your business if you do not learn how to separate them.

2.) Budget

One thing you have to learn to do is budget and manage your cash flow. Understand your personal habits directly relate to your business habits and in order to run a successful business you have to budget and control your spending. This simply mean every dollar in your business needs to be accounted for. If you spend more or less you have to be aware of what is going on with the money in your business. This should not only be a skill you pick up but a habit.

3.) Sales

I use to say I hate sales. I stopped saying that because the truth is I have to learn to sell if I am going to be a business owner. This is one of my weaknesses. But I am committed to learning. That is one thing you have to be willing to do is learning a new skill. Business sales is obviously important because this is where you capture the money. This is where you exchange your service or product with your client of customer.

4.) Customer Service

Believe it or not every business owner need to have customer service skills. You know they say the customer is always right. That’t not true obviously but it is just to say do what you can to satisfy your customer. What I’ve learned in customer service is creating a win win situation. Make your customers not only feel appreciated but make them feel like you heard them and they are getting something in return from you, even if it didn’t cost you a dime. Having great customer service skills assure that you retain the customer you have.

5.) Continued growth

Learn from your mistakes. If we let failure define us we will never reach our goals. So understand the components of your business and grow in each department so that you can grow in your overall business. If we are not continuously thinking about how to grow, we will not take the time we need to grow. I say this all time, you personal and business growth has to become an obsession. It’s what you think about daily. Trial and error is in order. You are not afraid to mess up and learn from it.

So, be a company that can exude a great atmosphere. Understand you have to sell continuously to get new money. You have to retain the customers you worked so hard to attract by providing the best customer service you can. When you are happy you have a better chance of getting in front of your clients and being more creative. Success does not happen overnight. Even if you don't see the results, you are creating consistency in the way you operate. In the end, your consistency is going to pay off.

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