Riches come in different forms other than money

When most people think of rich, they think of money. Which means having wealth , or great possessions. To be in possession means you own. How many of us own of future, own our reality, own our health, own our minds, own our soul, own our spirit? Are you in possession of your destiny? Are you going down the right path or are you renting someone else's life. I always say wealth is a mindset money is a tool. Sometimes we focus so much on money we forget about the other things we can be rich in! When you are rich in spirit money comes to you. 

Its normal to want to be filthy rich. Lets make sure we are rich in every aspect of our lives. 

I seen this on Instagram a couple days ago:

My Goal is to be filthy Rich:

Rich in knowledge

Rich in adventure

Rich in laughter

Rich in health

Rich in family

Rich in love. 

If we don;t have our health, family, love or laughter we are not rich in life. There's not enough money in the world to help you stay emotionally stable. But our family can, support can, jokes can, self care can. We just have to aligned with God. We should be well rounded. It pays to care more than money. You will become a lot more effective in your life.

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