The biggest way to increase sales

I know we all know by now that profits sustain our business. Now there are a few ways to increase your profits. One way to increase your profits is to reduce your expenses. The less you spend the more you keep. Another way to increase your profits is to increase you sales, revenue or income which ever term you like to use to refer to your coins, the money!

The biggest way to increase your sales is to have repeat customers. When people like you, they come back. When people like you, they refer people to you as well. Now what inspired this post is my daughter. My daughter was in kindergarten. Due to a little incident she had, the school decided to move her to the 1st grade class in the after school program. My daughter became fond of her new friends and teachers after school.

Now summer has started and the school assigned her back to her original class. School is over and I believe while signing her up for the summer program someone put her in her right class. Oh but her 1st grade teacher fought for her to be switched back. The teacher said the class was just not the same without her. She was not willing to go through the summer without her in her class.

That was profound to me. My daughter is such a light in her class the teacher went to the office and said although she is from the kindergarten class she wants her to continue with the 1st grade class. My daughter was so loving, helpful and full of character that the class was not the same without her.

In your business you want to be such a light that your customers not only come to you for your product or service but for your smile or the experience you provide. The love, the wisdom and great character you display. You may feel inexperience but people pick an experience over age. 

What does your brand say about you. Your brand will increase your sales. The way you carry yourself is going to be the deciding factor of your loyal customers.

I hope this blessed you just as much as it blessed me. 

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