3 simple ways to become financially free

Now that the national independence day is over its back to business. I hope you enjoyed the holiday with family or time with your self to reflect and enjoy life. Although it is no longer Independence day, we still have to work and look forward to one other independence day, and that is the day you become financially free!.

Financial Freedom is a journey I began a couple of years ago. It is a journey and it is something you have to be intentional about. You can't just say you want to be financially free, you have to plan to get there. You have to spend time everyday revisiting and building to the place you desire to be. It's not one day out the year. It is not one day out the month. It's everyday. When you are on a journey you create routines and habits to reach the goal you set before you.

Have you set any goals?

Have you reached any goals? 

What does financial freedom look like for you?

Is it being debt free? 

Is it owning your own business.?

Financial freedom by definition is monthly passive income that you don't have to work for. Although financial freedom means different things to different people, you are not officially financially free until you no longer have to work for your money. It doesn't matter how much money you make monthly in your business or on a job. If you stop working and your money doesn't continue to flow you are not there yet.

So 3 simple ways to work towards financial freedom are :

  • Stock

  • Real estate

  • Business owner

Focus on these things. Learn them. Become obsess with getting great at all three but make one your specialty and make it a lifestyle. That is what I am doing. Focusing and consuming the content needed to increase my knowledge. Then I am applying my knowledge. Faith without works is dead. So learn, build and repeat.