3 things you have to constantly do in business

I wrote a facebook and instagram post yesterday and thought it to be blog worthy. Sometimes we miss the small simplicity of how life or business works. I hope as business owners we all have the goal to grow everyday.

The truth is, to grow in a positive direction you have to be very intentional about your life or the decisions you make in your life. I believe making the decision to go into business for myself was the best decision I have ever made. I made that decision 5 to 6 years ago and my business is just now getting off the ground.

Not because I haven’t been working but because I am now reaping the rewards of my work. Success is not overnight. Even if someone made 6 figures in one year or a million in one year, most won’t share all the businesses they started and stopped. Or how long it actually took to get the courage to start a business in the first place. So I want to share the 3 B’s with you that are steps I took when I start something. Because always remember you first business is not going to be your last business. Your first product won’t be your last product. You will evolve.

Now the first thing you have to do is BELIEVE. I don’t care how much someone is rooting for you, none of it matter if you are not rooting for yourself. None of it matters if you don’t believe in yourself. Many people have dreams but most people don’t believe those dreams can come true. Why? They lack faith in themselves. They look at other’s and think they are better than they are. NO. If they can do it so can you. Yes some of us start with a little more than others but don’t count yourself out. Stay in your lane and look at what’s ahead of you.

But first you have to BEGIN. Many of us have dreams however lack the courage to chase after them. We are waiting for the right moment or that one person to put us on and truth is we just have to start. No one can start your race for you. Many of us have started but for some reason we are stuck or stagnant or we hit a plateau. We are comfortable with what we have already accomplished. We are satisfied with the money that is coming in your business right now. We are scared to push even harder to go further. We are scared to take any more risk. Success is continuously facing your fears to reach the next levels. Don’t get complacent or boast in today’s success and loose out on tomorrows opportunities.

Because we are BUILDING for the future. We can’t build, create, expand, go to the next level if we are comfortable. We all have our own journey. No one can run your race for you. Only you can finish what you have started or wish to start. You have people depending on you to win. I mean win consecutively. That’s what building is. Accomplishments, after accomplishments, after accomplishments. As I mention, your first business will not be your last. Build something new, expand what you have but whatever you do believe you can, begin before you regret and continue building.

This was just on my heart to share. Entrepreneurship isn’t easy. But we should always be progressing and developing new things, ideas, or products. If you want to make sure your business is on the right track or stays on the right track for you to effectively build click here to schedule a one on one with me. You can also just purchase my book Financial Finesse and learn about business finance at your own pace.