Business is a lifestyle

Many people think you can turn business off. What I’ve learned is that business should always be in the fore front of your mind. Otherwise you will find yourself off guard. Cash flow is the number one thing most business owners lack, so I want to talk about a few things that can help your cash flow. I guess the most obvious thing to know is getting a loan or attracting investors. These are important factors that make many business grow. However one thing we loose focus on, is simply organically increasing our clientelle daily.

Since I am an accountant, my number one concern and interest is to see more money come in your business then the money that goes out. So I want to share a couple a things that will help your cash flow.

The number one thing that changed my business is understanding that I am a walking Brand. When you carry yourself in the image you want people to see everyday, it makes it easier to portray the story of your business. Many times we want to turn are business on and off. But my experience, business is a lifestyle just like anything else. They saying fake it until you make it is floating around like crazy. However, all we have to do is write the vision and mission down and walk in that persepctive until we manifest the reality.

The number two thing I struggle with was socializing. I am an introvert and I thought I was not capable of interacting and connecting with others. It is not that I can’t do it, it is just it takes more of my energy to do it. My comfort zone is to be quiet and sometimes alone. So the thought of surrounding myself around others drained me before it even happen! In business you have to make adjustments. If I want to be a Boss. I have to do Boss things. That includes networking, connecting and collaborating from time to time. When people know what you do you become relevant and you are more likely to cross their mind.

So in closing, we underestimate the power of in person communtiy network. The one thing that change my business is understanding everywhere I go I represent my brand. What I stand for, my mission and the things I will like to accomplish. You should talk your business up more than anyone. It was so ackward for me to talk about myself or to confidently talk about what I do. But I notice it takes practice and the willingness to accept ackward situations.

The last thing that helps me is never think I have Arrived. In business we will be forever learning and changing. That is the beauty of growth. No one person knows everything. Thats why God created us to be interdependent. I have something you need, you have something I need and if we go through life or in business thinking we are going to be self made or we don’t need anyone, our cash flow may very well suffer because of that attitude.

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