Riches come in different forms other than money

Riches come in different forms other than money

My Goal is to be filthy Rich:

Rich in knowledge

Rich in adventure

Rich in laughter

Rich in health

Rich in family

Rich in love. 

5 Essentials to Life

5 Essentials to Life

Being single doesn't have to be a bad thing. It is actually a blessing. I say this because while single, you can really work on yourself and your well being. I remember, while in a relationship I worked on a couple of the essential things of life that I am going to go over below. I never worked on or developed them all at once. Now that I am single, I am able to focus on all 5. Granted, I fall short more times than I want too,  but while in a relationship I was very much distracted and of course an emotional wreck.

The Process of Investing

There is a lot of talk about financial freedom, being rich or having wealth. One thing is true, wealth takes time. We have to invest our money in order to build the lifestyle we want. For me, that means a quality and luxury life. I understand not everyone wants to be rich. You may not have the capacity to manage millions of dollars. I believe it is wise to reach for financial success. If you are someone who desires and have the capacity to build wealth these next few steps are for you.