"Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy the things that make us happy"

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"If you have a business, starting a business, dream of having a business – this book is for you."

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           About the Book

Financial Finesse is a book that provides entrepreneurs with the knowledge to start, support and sustain their businesses. While accounting may not be the most exciting part of business, it is definitely the most important aspect. Maximizing your profits and increasing your revenue depends greatly on how you manage your business and how well you know your numbers.

This book offers you a step by step guide to improving your cash flow, keeping track of your business growth, reducing liabilities and understanding exactly how to increase your profits.

If you are an entrepreneur, a small business owner, or an individual looking to grow your company, then this book contains powerful business growth details that will help you make the best out of your situation and leverage you strength to boost success. It is not just a book to read but one you will reference as you begin to apply its principles in your business.

"The spirit of limitation cannot only kill a dream, or business, but will keep you unprepared to move forward and succeed with the business God has just for you."


About the Author

TaShara Ramese is an Accountant and a mother of a 6 year old currently living in Seattle, WA. Having being laid off while nursing her six month old child and with 3 more classes to finish her Bachelor degree in accounting, she successfully rounded up her program and started building her career straight out of college.

She is a highly driven woman who rose up the ladder from interning for a CPA to a senior accountant in 6 years. Having worked with Corporations, S corporations, nonprofits, service businesses, product businesses, construction companies and more, it wasn’t long before she decided she wanted to start her own Accounting business. This objective led her to develop strong networks and build great relationships with many entrepreneurs during which she discovered that most entrepreneurs lack in-depth accounting knowledge about their own business. As a result of this discovery, she chose to help aspiring entrepreneurs survive their first 2 years of business and to equip them with the right skill set to manage their businesses afterwards.

"I am confident TaShara will inspire you through her words of wisdom garnered by experience, trial and error, leading to success."