Tesha D. Colston

The market place Evangelist

" I am a multi passionate entrepreneur and  I had an online product launch. I Invited Tashara Ramese to come and talk from a tax expert perspective and all i can say is WOW!  The value that she brought to the launch was incredible. Particularly what stood out to me was how she broke down the different business structures. and How she gave tips and tricks that pertain to each type of structure and how things will  benefit you or not or why you might want to go to this type of structure or why you may not want to go with a  particular structure. She was a wealth of knowledge and brought a whole lot of  value to the launch and I cannot thank her enough. If you are considering Tashara Ramese for you accounting or tax needs I highly recommend her "

Dwain Bickham Jr

Legal Shield 


"So a few months ago I got a random letter from the IRS saying I owe taxes from my business back in 2014. I immediately  called my legal shield  attorney. I told him I got this letter ..first off .. what are my rights and what can you advise me to do next should I just pay it ... his response was "you don't just pay something just because they say it's right and they are the IRS that's what having attorneys are for" so he sent me the forms to refile some info so I wanted to do it professionally and called my friend Tashara Ramese to file the paperwork for me and weeks letter the IRS says I owe $0 ... moral of the story ... "you don't have rights if you don't know them" and a real Boss always has an attorney and Accountant on deck"

    Brian Henn      

Third and wall Art Group


" Tashara Ramese worked for us while our accountant was on maternity leave. She received about one weeks worth of training and then quickly dove into everything. She learned our system, and was soon invoicing, entering bills, reconciling accounts, reporting payroll, processing deposits and managing our cash. I saved managing our cash for last because this was perhaps the most critical task of all her task. We are a small business and cash flow is critical. Tashara Ramese closely monitor all incoming and outgoing money,she would provide reports to me on who needs to be paid and what funds are available for making payments. I found this incredibly helpful and took comfort in the fact that someone was watching our cash position so closely.

Tashara Ramese was a tremendous help and we will definitely miss her. She had an excellent work ethic and took pride in her work......"